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Who we are at KC Laser Co

Who we are at KC Laser Co

So my name is Brett Jackson. I started KC Laser Co with my wife in 2019. The creation and forming of KC Laser Co was a culmination of some business experience I had had before and just a desire to create eye catching, personalized items for customers. 

When we first started, I surprised my wife by buying a laser for her, not exactly the gift any woman wants. She came around eventually once we started figuring out how to use it and how things could be made with it.

From that point on it's been a journey ever since. We've just continued to grow and continue to find our path in how we work together to grow this small business. And we've been so happy with the success we've had and so thankful for the customers we've had.

So really, what drives us, what makes us love what we do, is that satisfaction of creating something out of nothing. Combining a raw piece of leather, putting a customer or a business logo on it and creating a product that then can become their favorite item to wear, their go to hat, and a branding tool for our customers. We love to see a new business take shape and some of the first items created are hats for a new business venture for our customers. That is a very rewarding process that we love to see growth with everyone we work with.  

When it comes to lasering things, we laser a lot on leather. We laser Yeti Cups, things like that. But Quil (my son) and I have experimented with lasers in all sorts of stuff with lasers, leaves with laser fabric with laser marshmallow rock. A golf ball and egg. Really, pretty much anything would get our hands on it. So part of the fun with what projects people bring to us is can we laser that? And most of the time, the answer is yes, we'll find a way to.

There's six of us in the KC Laser Crew. There's myself, I handle a lot of the laser engraving. I handle a lot of the sales, a lot of the communication, things like that. Chantelle. She's awesome. She does a lot of the bookkeeping. She does so much of the stitching, and she does all of the 200% that it takes to be a mom of two boys. So she's got her hands full, but she loves what she does. She's such a trooper with it. 

We've got Quil, who's our five year old. He loves to just help out. A lot of times. It's about guiding him in the right direction to help, but he loves to just give a hand whenever he can.

Titus is our youngest, he is 3 years old, and the little guy has just got the biggest smile on his face all the time. He loves helping at the post office and carrying boxes out the door. And we look at him and he's just part of why we do what we do.

In addition we have Erin (my sister) and Kathi that are absolutely amazing in our business. They both love to help with anything in what we make. Kathi brings over 50 years of sewing experience and Erin brings so much energy to our business. We really couldn’t do it without them.

We love having family involved in what we do, and one day we hope to grow the KC Laser Crew even larger. We're thankful to be able to do what we do and to be able to work as a family doing it.

We love spending time as a family and what better way than to work together and play together and figure out how to build a business together. So thank you all for joining in on this journey, and stay tuned for a lot more things from KC Laser Co.

It's going to be quite an adventure.


We love to create these things, and we love to find ways to help our customers create exactly what they envision. If you have any questions for us, if you want to make your own custom hats, if you have another custom engraved item or idea, just reach out to us at 

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