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How To Order Custom Leather Patch Hats from KC Laser Co.  6 Easy Steps!

How To Order Custom Leather Patch Hats from KC Laser Co. 6 Easy Steps!

Custom hats are an eye catching, effective way to promote your brand, business, and start a conversation bout what you do. Whether you are a husband and wife starting a new business venture or a company with hundreds of employees. A ranch out in Wyoming or a utility company in Kansas City. We love to work with brands big or small.

At KC Laser Co, We are a Kansas City based laser engraving company. We specialize in making custom hats for customers all over the country. So really, what we do, we like to specialize each order for our customers and their unique needs. 

We have a six step process that is pretty streamlined. And it makes it easy for you, the customer, to reach out to us and figure out what you want and how we can help. 

Step one of that process is on our website. We've got a selection guide and custom pricing and things like that that you can look through. Get an idea of the different hats that we offer, the different colors and selections. From there, you can email us or you can reach out at the contact form on the website.

Step two of the process is actually getting your logo, creating a mockup if you need it. If you'd like to see that generally just kind of getting that logo prepped and ready to laser engrave. 

Step three of the process of making custom hats is actually going to be the laser engraving process, so we'll actually take a roll of genuine leather. And then we will lay it on our laser. We'll get it all engraved up and then it'll cut it out as well. So we program all of that ourselves. We do it all in-house so that we can turn these hats around quickly. 

Step four of this process, which will actually take those patches right off the laser, will clean and condition them. And then we'll pick the hats that you've selected and then we will get them all set up and ready to be stitched.

Step five is the part that my wife and some of the other people that work with us take care of. They're awesome at taking a blank hat and stitching around the patch and securing it onto the hat. They're the second half of the process that really makes it all come together. 

So the last step of the process, step six, is we get these hats, we grab them and check them one last time we box them up and we ship them out to you.

So we make sure that that process is streamlined. We ship all over the country free of charge at KC Laser Co. We don’t charge any set up fees or digitizing fees. We love to do what we do. We get to create things every day with our customers. We get to make unique hats, wallets, keychains and more for them, for their brands, for their clients, for their friends, whatever it may be.

We love to do that. We love to create these things, and we love to find ways to help our customers create exactly what they envision. If you have any questions for us, if you want to make your own custom hats, if you have another custom engraved item or idea, just reach out to us at 

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