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Richardson 112 vs 115! Which Trucker Hat is the Best? | KC Laser Co

Richardson 112 vs 115! Which Trucker Hat is the Best?

At KC Laser Co, we are a specialty shop that focuses on creating leather patches and laser engraving them and stitching them by hand onto an under custom hat. We really primarily work with Richardson hats and blanks when when we're making our hats.

Today we are going to be comparing and doing a a head to head competition between the Richardson 112 and the Richardson 115 style mesh back trucker hats. We're going to go into what makes the two different, which ones I personally like better and determine what I would consider a winner.


So the first of three categories we're going to compare today is the fit. And it's just going to come down to, a lot of times, personal preference. First off the Richardson 112, the way it's designed, it's a little bit steeper at the front.

It's going to go up more and it's not going to touch your forehead when you're wearing it. So the style that's great for people with a little bit bigger head, people that like a little bit more room in their hats, the 115 is going to be a little bit shallower.

So if you're looking at it, the front panel is actually going to come back a little bit quicker when it's it's going towards the back of your head. It's a little bit snugger of a fit, but it does adjust. Both the 112 and 115 are snapbacks.

If I had the same exact color hat, the same exact options next to each other, I would pick the one 115. I like that it's a little bit lower profile, a little bit different fit.


The second category for comparing the 112 versus the 115 is the size selection.

So the 112's actually come in a variety of different sizes. So they come in the youth size, the smallest they make. It's great for anywhere from a 2 year old to a 10 year old.

They also make a small size. They make the one size fits all, which is the standard size. And then they make the XL, which is actually a step larger than the one size fits all. So the 112 have got lots of choices for different options for sizing. Not all of the colors come in those four options.

Now, the 115, they just come in a small / medium or a large / xl.

So only two sizes with those. The large / xl will fit most guys with normal or average size head.  Small / medium will fit a lot of the ladies or youth. Both are pretty good options. But the Richardson 112 definitely takes this category as the winner with just a wide range of options.


So the 115 won the first category, that's the fit, the 112 won the second category, which is the size selection. Now, the third category is going to be the actual color options.

So the Richardson 112's have over 70 color options you can pick from. There's a lot of variations. There's a lot of really good options, especially if you have like sports teams, colors for your youth, athletics, things like that, or favorite professional team (Like the Kansas City Chiefs). Lots of colors and options for the Richardson 112's.

But I honestly, I like the Richardson 115 color options better. There's only about 34 different options for the 115 hats. I really like the Amber bill three tone hats that they've got. They've got a few other very unique options in the 115 style that they just don't have any comparable options for the 112.

So I would give this final category to the 115 just because there's more unique options that that I really like a few of the different options that they've got in color combinations. So I would say overall, in my opinion, I like the 115's better.

With the 115, there's some really good options. The fit is great. The sizing is a little bit trickier than the 112's definitely beat it out in that category. But they're really close. They're both great hats.

If you want to learn more about how you can get your own custom hats, how we can make some up for you with leather patches. Just reach out to us at We'd love to make up something that's that's eye-catching and that's really unique to what you are looking for.


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