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Top 5 Best Selling Richardson Hats

Top 5 Best Selling Richardson Hats

In the video above we break down our top 5 Best Selling Richardson Hats. This is based off of our customers and how they have selected hats for themselves or their teams.

At KC Laser Co we specialize in making custom hats with leather patches and shipping them to customers all across the country. Today, we're going to go over our five top best selling hat styles and colors.

I've picked out five hats that we sell. A lot of them really look good with a variety of patches with a variety of logos on them. 

Let's get into the first one. It's a Richardson 112, and this is just a solid black hat. So we would take a custom leather patch and we would stitch it on there and finish it out. But the brown leather looks great on these hats. A lot of people really like it. It doesn't show dirt very bad, and it's just an overall good looking hat that goes with a lot of different outfits and occasions.

The second hat is a Richardson 115. This is the Heather Navy color. The brown leather looks great on there. The 115 is going to be a little bit shallower of a hat, so will fit smaller heads or people that like a tighter fit. It doesn't show dirt and stains nearly as bad as some others. 

The third one here is a charcoal hat, so this is a Richardson 112 charcoal front with black mesh snap back again. The 112 is going to be a little bit steeper in the front. It's going to be a little bit different fit. So I like the fit of both the 115 and 112, and I'd say I have an average size head. The charcoal, a lot of guys really like it. It's kind of a timeless color and it just looks great with just about any patch, any shape. 

The forth hat is a newer one that we've been selling a lot of. This is what we call the loden green or olive green, and this is a Richardson 112 as well. It is just a really great hat for guys that really like the outdoors, the guys that are hunting a lot that are hiking a lot. So yeah, that's the Richardson 112 loden green. We also have this in a couple of different variations. We have a black mesh. We have a khaki mesh. And then we also have a Richardson 115 style of this hat. So lots of options with this color. There's a lot of really cool combinations.

Last hat on the list is just the classic heather gray with black mesh, and this is a Richardson 112 as well just looks really good with the leather patches on them. Snap back again and it's just kind of a classic look and you really can't go wrong with it.

Thanks for checking out our kind of top five best selling hats. We sell a lot of these, and a lot of customers are really happy when they receive these, these color combinations. And if you're curious about learning more, check out what we offer, some of the different options of leather and hats and things like that.

We love to create these things, and we love to find ways to help our customers create exactly what they envision. If you have any questions for us, if you want to make your own custom hats, if you have another custom engraved item or idea, just reach out to us at 

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