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Top 5 Richardson Hats for Custom Leather Patches

Top 5 Richardson Hats for Custom Leather Patches

In the video above we break down our top 5 choices for matching leather patches to Richardson Hats. This is purely our opinion of what we think looks the best. See if you agree and let us know in the comments what you would choose.

At KC Laser Co, we are a Kansas City based company that's family owned and we specialize in laser engraved leather patch custom hats. Today, I'm going to go over my top five favorite styles of hats and favorite color combos for leather patches.

So I've got a little bit of a mix here, some different colors and some different fits and styles. 

The first one is this Richardson 115 with the amber bill. I really like this hat the way it fits. The Richardson 115 is kind of a lower structure and so it doesn't come up as straight in the front, but really looks good with about any other leather patch. We generally use genuine brown leather but can use black leather, vanilla, or mustard gold colors. 

The next hat is a Richardson 115 Heather Navy, so this one is one of my favorites. I really like the way the 115 fits and the patch on the Navy looks really sharp. The only thing with this hat is if you wear denim and jeans a lot. It does look similar to your jeans, so you kind of pick and choose when you want to wear this one.

The next one is actually a Richardson 112 Loden with Khaki Mesh. A lot of outdoorsy guys really like this one. You can wear it in the words you can wear hiking. It's kind of an earth tone. So it goes with a lot of things and we've got one of our custom designs on there. 

So the next one is kind of our KC themed Richardson 112 Red Front with the black mesh snap back on that one as well. So all of these have been snapped back. We like to use black leather and cut out the numbers and then stitch them on to create a really cool look. It's a great hat to wear on Game Day or Red Friday here in Kansas City. That's a 112. Again, the fit is great. 

So the last one is actually a Richardson 257 Loden Green. It's a little bit different of a hat. This one is just the solid loden color. So it's a warmer hat since it's all fabric in the back side of it, and it's got an actual leather strap and brass brass clasp on the back. So definitely a unique hat. The grommets are also metal on this one, but it's got a nice big panel on the front. You can put a big logo on there, kind of a more unique flat bill look, but you can also kind of curve the bill as you wear it.

So these are my five top picks, in my opinion of what I really like to put the patches on. It's a lot of fun for us to match up different combinations. I could probably come up with 20 if I wanted to, but these are just five that I really like.


We love to create these things, and we love to find ways to help our customers create exactly what they envision. If you have any questions for us, if you want to make your own custom hats, if you have another custom engraved item or idea, just reach out to us at 

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