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Best Richardson Flatbill 168 vs 257 vs 256 Umpqua! | KC Laser Co

Best Richardson Flatbill 168 vs 257 vs 256 Umpqua!

At KC Laser Co, We specialize in making leather patch hats with laser engraveder and we hand stitched on. Today, we are going to be comparing a few different hats that we have that are flat bills and that are really unique to Richardson.

We've got the Richardson 168, we have the Richardson 257 and the Richardson 256 Umpqua hats. So each one of these is unique. They're kind of hard to figure out whether you'd like them or not until you've had one in your hands and picked up. But today, we're going to show you them and see if we can help.

We're going to kind of do a quick walk through what's different about each one and show you what we like about each one.


So first first off, is the Richardson 168 hat.The 168 has a mesh back and it's a snap back. It's unique with the seven panels. You can get a really big logo on the front of the hat. Hexagon shape leather patches look great on here. It's really cool in the summertime and easy to breathe in. The 168 is a solid favorite for any active individual. It's a unique hat with lots of personality. 


The next hat is a Richardson 257. So this one, the main differences is it's got some like clothe or twill is what it is called covering the entire back of the hat. And then it's got a leather clasp and a brass buckle here.

So it's a little bit higher quality hat, but it's also a little bit warmer. So if you're out working in the summer, your head's going to get hot wearing this hat. Even with that, it is still one of my favorite hats.  


The last hat we've got is the 256 Umpqua rope hats. These hats are unstructured, which just means they are more flexible and lighter in the front panel. The Umpqua hat is really lightweight. It's great for guys that love fly fish and love the outdoors, do a lot of hiking, things like that.

The bill on the 256 will curve over time, too. They got different ropes that are actually attached to the front. And inside of the front panel is actually a little mesh structure to it to keep that front structure up. The Umpqua 256 is a snap back. Overall really lightweight and really unique hat.

Watch the video above to see more of these Richardson flatbill hats hands on and see what each one of these hats has for unique color options. That pretty much sums up the differences between the Richardson 168, the two fifty seven and the Umpqua hats.

There's a lot of different options. If you have something in mind, if you'd like to see some custom hats or have something designed, just let us know. Reach out to us at 

We'd love to help and we'd love to make something really unique for you.


We love to create these things, and we love to find ways to help our customers create exactly what they envision. If you have any questions for us, if you want to make your own custom hats, if you have another custom engraved item or idea, just reach out to us at 

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